The Traveling Home


Cynthia Comment

We have been “home” at our seasonal campground now almost three weeks.  It is so hard to believe it has been that long already, probably because we have been been running full speed since we arrived! haha!  

The spring ground is so soft this year and our big ol’ trailer is just too heavy to move it onto our seasonal site just yet.  In fact, rarely have we seen the water levels get so high here at the camp.  Unfortunately, many of the surrounding communities experienced a lot of flooding this year and there was a lot of subsequent damage to homes.   So for now, we are parked in a temporary site in the transient camping area of the park.  This suits us just fine as we are a little more sheltered from the cold lake wind here, we are also right beside the shower house and laundry facility, and we are a straight shot across a small field from my parents’ trailer.  Little Rosie is loving getting up each morning and running to Grandma’s for breakfast.  Not sure why she prefers Grandma’s fun, sugary cereal to my stove-cooked oatmeal! haha!  It is great to have them so close.  We have missed them these last six months!

Jeremie has been hard at work getting his seasonal business up and running again.  He has a new website which we would love for you to check out:  He is working hard now so he can play later.

And speaking of work, our little hiatus from homeschooling (while driving across the US) is over.  I have been so proud of our girls and their willingness to get their schoolwork done.  They each really understand their responsibilities and have been self motivated.  This makes my job sooooo much easier.  If only I could get Wesley to understand that if he gets his printing done, he can go play! haha! 

Our weekend's theme came from the Jamie Grace song, "Do Life Big."

Our weekend's theme came from the Jamie Grace song, "Do Life Big."

Our church held our ladies retreat here at the camp and it was a lot of fun helping to decorate.  I am so thankful for the creative talents of our daughter Emma-lee.  Not only did she pick up a lot of the supplies for me in town, she also kept me focused on the colour scheme and overall design.  Her season of wedding photography is also up and going.  She has been blessed with awesome clients who refer her and are helping her build a fantastic reputation in the area.  It is hard to believe that this is her third season.  We are so proud of her.  (

Amy and Bethany will both be joining the summer staff here at the camp working in the children’s program.  This is the wonderful bonus of staying at this camp year after year.  Our youngest children enjoy the fun children’s program for ten weeks every summer and my older children benefit with summer jobs.  No one complains they are bored! haha!

We are happy to be “home” and back in our church.  I joked that I got my yearly quota of hugs on our first Sunday back to church!  Although I quite enjoyed our special family time this past winter, I also appreciate our friends and the importance of them in our lives.  What a blessing each of them are.